I would like to purchase with a PO

Great! We work with schools and organizations all the time and every PO (purchase order) process is a little different.  Here's what we would suggest:

1. For any course, conference, membership or curriculum purchase, there is a group or PO form option on the page.  Select that link to place your order via purchase order.

2. Enter your details, including the name and email of the person/people needing access.  If your district needs an estimate/invoice before attaching a PO number, please indicate that in the notes field and then hit submit.  If you already have a PO number for the order, enter that into the notes field instead.

3. Upon submission, we will email you to confirm the order and to discuss what your district needs from us to move the process along.  You will not be granted access to the PD or curriculum until the purchase order has been paid in full.  This is for security purposes, as we provide all-digital access to all of our products.

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