What is the difference between PD hours and CEUs?

As an accredited institution, we are eligible to provide our students with both PD hours and CEUs. PD hours are the amount of seat time it takes for you to complete a course, program, workshop, or conference. For example, to complete an online conference, it typically takes 10 total hours to view everything, complete the handouts, and complete the required reflection. Most schools, districts, and states equate 10 PD hours with 1 CEU (Continuing Education Unit). 

Continuing Education Units are an international standard of measurement for credit hours. Our accrediting agency IACET worked with the United States Department of Education to establish the CEU. Since each CEU traditionally is worth 10 hours of time, our CEUs are calculated using this measurement. Certain activities cannot count for CEUs, which is why it's important to look at both PD hours and CEUs.

For example, our courses are all worth 25 PD hours and 2.5 CEUs. But our interactive certification program is worth 720 PD hours and 23 CEUs. This is due to the calculations required for CEUs through accreditation standards.

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