How do I register for a course or conference?

Looking to register for a  conferencecoursemembership, or curriculum  with The Institute?  Here's how you can do that:

1. If you're the person taking the course or conference: either use the checkout button and pay via credit card or fill out the PO form for yourself.  If filling out a PO form, please ensure you already have a PO number.  We cannot process your PO request without that number.  If possible, we recommend using a credit card (either from the school or your own) and then getting a reimbursement.  It is by far the fastest and easiest way to gain access.

2. If you're registering someone else: please fill out either the PO form or complete checkout using a credit card.  After you've submitted the payment details, please email us with the correct name and email address of the person receiving the PD.  We will take care of transferring the access over to that person.

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