What are the program requirements?

We provide many resources for learners in this program and it can feel overwhelming to know what is required and what is optional. Please read this section carefully! We want this to be a valuable experience for you. However, only YOU know how you learn best and what you need for success. So while we will provide you with a variety of resources, tools and supplemental materials, please remember that many of these are optional. Here is what you are required to submit and achieve in order for you to receive a certificate at the end of the program: 

1. You must view all video lessons within the sprint during the sprint window. You can watch these at your own pace within that time period. For example if the sprint window is from July 1 - August 24, you could watch all the lessons on July 1 or spread them out within the sprint window. 

2. You must turn in the sprint project by the end date of that sprint window. For example, if the sprint window is from July 1 - August 24, your sprint project is due no later than August 24. There is no penalty for turning in a sprint project early. 

3. Each project is required to be completed at an 80% or better in order for you to receive your certificate. The sprint project is due on the last day of the sprint and will be turned in via a link to your cohort coach provided on the sprint project page. Your coach will review your work and provide you with feedback and a scored rubric within 2 weeks. The rubric and a model project will be provided on the sprint project page. 

Everything else found in the sprint, including the workbooks and supplementary reading are optional. We highly recommend doing them as they are designed to maximize your experience. However, nothing is required to be turned in other than your sprint project. 

Please review the entire Certification Handbook here.

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