What is the assignment workload for the courses like?

One of the unique things about these courses is that there are no written assignments or quizzes. We don’t feel a drawn-out written assignment or quiz is directly applicable to your work.  Instead, in each lesson we provide you with a resource/download that you can use to apply the information you’ve learned from the video.

For example, in our Designed to STEAM course Module 1, Lesson 2, you are provided with this lesson planner. You’ll complete the planner after watching the video lesson and then use it as you continue throughout the course.  This way, your learning builds over time and you’re creating resources you can use in your own classroom.

At the end of any online professional development course, you’ll submit a plan of action for how you are going to incorporate everything you’ve learned into your classroom.  Each course provides a different assignment; some are to write a lesson plan and others are to submit a project using the elements from the course. Please check the course overview page for details on what will be required. Once we receive that plan of action, we review it and provide you with feedback and your certificate of hours within about 2-3 days.

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